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Connectors for testing camera modules (MOLEX KYOCERA PANASONIC HRS JAE)

Camera modules connector,panasonic Connectors, komi hirose Connectors, kyocera Connectors, MOLEX Connectors, LG/LS Connectors, JAE Connectors, JST Connectors, SMK Connectors, UJU Connectors, DDK Connectors, adai Hui Connectors

0.9mm – 7.0mm Diameter USB Smallest Endoscope Camera Module 0.16mp – 8mp AV mini Snake Tube

Endoscope Camera Module, Medical Endoscope Camera Module, Industrial Endoscope Camera Module, Usb Endoscope Camera Module, Camera Module For Endoscope, Pipe Repair Drain Inspection Car Inspection, Medical Inspection Dental Checkups, Imaging And Vision Solutions

0.1MP – 200MP COMS Sony Samsung Omnivision OnSemi Aptina Sensor Mipi Camera Module

Camera Module For Imaging And Vision Solutions, Integrated Complex And Customized Technology, Machine Vision, Intelligent Systems, Future Security, Optical Technology Solutions, Camera Module Customized Solutions, Internet Of Things End-to-end Solution, Iris Recognition Technology, Iris Solutions, Face Recognition, VR High End Camera Solutions, Smart Home Solutions, Intelligent Hardware Solutions.

0.2MP – 50MP UVC USB Camera Module Industrial Camera Module SincereFirst 0.2MP-50MP UVC USB Camera Module Industrial Camera Module DM/OEM CUSTOMIZED DESIGN

USB, USB2.0, USB3.0 Camera Module, Board Camera: The USB camera module is a general-purpose camera control board designed for both PCs and embedded systems like the ARM,Raspberry Pi,Odroid,and similar hardware. It supports almost all parallel interface image sensors and many MIPI camera sensors, including both global and rolling shutter sensors. The USB cameras adopt the standards of the USB interface, so they are easily expandable and adapted. What’s more, they could be made driver-free by following the USB device standards,which is suitable for the image software or system applications.



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